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Let’s go on an adventure! This handmade cross-body dog harness and backpack set is your answer to taking your best furry friend with you (in the most stylish way possible). It’s breathable, comfy, and sturdy so your pup won’t slip out of it.


This harness attaches cross-body, and is secured with a button so you don’t need to pull anything over your dog’s head. 


Fits snug to keep your pup secure, and the crochet design allows for a comfortable and breathable fit. The straps are adjustable, so you can be sure that your pup has the perfect fit- and you can adjust over time as needed. Straps are also reinforced with nylon thread, so the harness can withstand even the strongest (and most stubborn) of dogs.


Each harness comes with a detachable backpack, so your pup can decide if they want to bring along treats, or want a slimmed down version. 


Instructions for use:

Step 1: Instruct your pup to sit, then put the harness on its back, cross the straps over their chest, clasp each strap on the opposite clasp under the body.

Step 2: Open the button on the bag, and insert any treats, toys, poop bags, or Knick knacks your dog wants to take with them.

Step 3: Attach a lease, and take off with your fur baby.

Peach Cross-Body Dog Harness and Backpack


Color options: This is a Peach (orange/pink) set. There are also options in Teal, Barbie Pink (hot pink), Robin's Egg Blue (light blue), or Fuchsia.

Materials: 100% cotton yarn, wooden buttons, quick release bronze metal clasps, bronze metal "D" ring for leash attachment, bronze metal adjustable buckles, nylon reinforcement


Small: chest measures 16-22 inches

Large: chest meaures 17-28 inches

*Please measure your dog before purchasing. If you would like to request a different size, please email me at or fill out form at

Care: hang up when not in use, out of reach of pet (if your dog is a chewer like mine)!

Cleaning: for best results, handwash in cold water and lay flat to dry. In a washing machine, place harness in a small cotton bag, wash on gentle cycle in cold water with mild detergent, and lay flat to dry. 

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